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The popularity of the job portals is on the rise and many recruitment companies have started giving priority to their online presence.

Reasons behind the popularity of Reseller Web Hosting

A reseller web hosting is a service in which a user of a hosting service in turn rents out a part of his account to other users. Thus he acts as a hosting service provider to end users. The reseller web hosting has become popular due to its various advantages.

Features of reseller web hosting

Reseller hosting comes at reduced costs and thus is favored by small website owners. The control panel of the account holder is given to the end users for using. The level of technical support that the end users get is much less than direct hosting services. In most cases small entrepreneurs opt for reselling hosting accounts before they undertake their own full-fledged hosting business.

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Reseller hosting is very affordable and often costs only a few dollars per month. This has led to its popularity amongst small entrepreneurs. The startup cost is less and risk involved is also very low.

Reseller hosting packages are designed to give the end users a lot of features that will ensure an enriching hosting experience. The end users can plan and set up their own accounts and use them to run their own business.

Along with domain hosting, the bandwidth and disk space are also allocated to the users.

The tools of the parent company are also shared with the users. These include scripts, monitoring tools and email services and even the control panel.

The reseller hosting service should be chosen only after considering the pros and cons. Before choosing a reseller web hosting service you must check its reviews and also check the features that would be shared with you..