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Facebook allows comprehensive management of campaigns associated with it. It provides the user with the solution for creating, editing of campaigns and managing of groups, advertisements and individual ads.

The campaign management includes budgeting of campaigns, focusing and targeting of campaigns as well as generating detailed report analysis of campaigns.

The tool allows to view which campaigns are performing and which one should be allowed to run or scrapped. Campaigns which lack from the rules are marked and prioritized so that analyst could get the idea of which campaigns falls below expectation.

The complete information should be accessed through dashboard which indicates the problematic campaigns so that the analysts can easily take action against the underperforming campaigns.

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These campaigns can be set up to target a specific audience group which can overall increasing the possibility of generating higher ROI. The analyst can easily create customized performance report which will high lighten the success of campaign to know the effectiveness of campaign. The campaign management includes services such as setting up of new facebook Ads, facebook page development, monthly monitoring and reporting, conversion optimisation and testing of landing page.
The performance of campaign are key tool for retention of customer.